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Avoid paying full price

It’s a conventional “wisdom” when buying high-priced item – never buy anything at sticker price. It’s a given that the sticker price (say, for a car) is already a padded amount with a piece of it set for the dealership and another slice going to the salesperson. But how about for common-price items, can you still avoid paying full price?
Sure. Just like any item, there’s always a profit margin. Definitely for everyday items though, the margin’s a smaller gross amount since stores often rely on bulk. Here are some tips to help you pay less and save more.
Haggle. Negotiation skills always come in handy. Ask for discounts from the store clerk. If they say they’re not authorized, ask the store manager.
Pay in cash. Credit card transactions cost merchants at least 7% of the sale price when you pay using your card. If you pay in cash, merchants avoid paying the transaction fees so you can use this as leverage when buying and paying in cash.
Ask for the sale items. Most stores feature a sale section where you’d always find items at lesser prices. Most would have bins scattered around the store where sale items can be had.
Time purchases right. Some stores feature seasonal sales where you can get items at fraction of the cost. Most salespeople are aware of when these sales happen so feel free to ask them. If they’re not aware, again, ask the store manager. These things are planned months in advance anyway.

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